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FuzzyYeti Male 30 Gay Squash Match
Stocky/chubby, hairy, quite strong and submission-resistant guy looking for some musky, sweaty, wrestling, with a big affinity for face-sitting and squash wrestling. Though, pretty much any kind of wrestling is welcome, since I don’t really know much about it myself and might end up freestyling a bit. I’m still very much of a newbie so if someone wants to give me a lesson and teach me some basics, I’m absolutely willing to learn. I speak both french and english fluently. Je parle français et anglais couramment. When it comes to wrestling, I love when both opponents fight for the top/dominance and get the other to submit. In other words, I like competitive matches better, but I have nothing against a one-sided squash match either. Adding stakes can help motivate both wrestlers not to lose. Also love anything along the lines of immobilizing pins and humiliation. Age/Height/Weight aren’t an issue at all, though I do have a preference for older men, with height and weight around mine or bigger/taller. I also like small, skinny jobbers, specially when I’m the heel. Finally, I’m really open minded when it comes to experimenting with new things, as long as we stay safe and sane. Also, I’ll always respect everyone’s limits, and if you tell me to stop I will, and I expect exactly the same out of anyone I wrestle with. If you can’t abide by this simple rule, pass me. This is not something I joke around with; if someone taps out, you break the hold, if you don’t, then it’s over. Wrestling can be extremely dangerous with the right holds, and someone could easily get hurt badly. Will use any method necessary to make you stop if you don’t when asked to, and the match will instantly be over for me, no matter the circumstances. As for myself, I can’t host anything at my place, but can travel a bit around, pretty much anywhere in Montréal, and maybe further when I have the money/time for it. But if you come to Montréal and wanna tangle with me, be sure to let me know; I might be able to get us a place, if you can’t get one.
Montreal Quebec

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