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Luchador looking for friends and action!
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Furia_Azul Male 41 Bisexual Open to all
Hello guys and gals! I wrestled for 2 years in high school and ever since then have been into the sport of wrestling. Since it has been quite some time since I last hit the mats, I consider myself a novice/beginner. At the moment I'm looking for someone or a group to join to help me get back into wrestling. Age is not an issue for me so if some of you veterans would like to take a youngster under your wing I'd like that! For now I'm mostly interested in submission and pin matches. I grew up with WWF, WCW and NWA so once I feel comfortable I'd like to try my hand at some pro style and promission ideally in a ring. My pic should give an idea as to what I look like but since I'm sure some of you will ask, I'm 5' 7'' and weigh in at a stout 180 lbs. I workout at least 3 times a week, just trying to lean out right now. So I wouldn't mind a workout partner either! I'm open about most things so ask any questions you may have. Comfortable with rough housing or sub match, no looking to hurt anyone or be hurt, just some good, honest, sweaty grappling. Also looking for light weights who would like to be jobbers or guys (and gals) of approximate weight for a more even match. Stay safe out there and look forward to seeing you on the mats! Before I forget, I'm not a premium member right now so please leave an e-mail address so I can contact you! Also, I realized that I don't mind a small audience when I wrestle so if your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other would like to watch or participate in some way, I have no problem with that!
Sacramento California

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