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Looking for open-minded guys. Read the profile before messaging....
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Fredknee Male 36 Other Gut punching
Hello community I have a unique fetish (I like light rough body play, with knee strikes giving and taking), and I like bearhugs. But I don't wrestle (though I am open to roughhousing/rolling around) nor box nor looking for sex of ANY KIND, nor any nude play so don't ask. Hence, Agonophilia. Look it up. I am open to try other fetishes (within reason), but light rough body play (knee strikes to the gut and groin giving AND taking) have to be part of the session, NO EXCEPTONS. I have a lot of experience with this fetish, so don't hesitate to ask, but do come correct. I prefer doing so at a light slow but steady pace, nothing competitive or insane and no bruises/marks. Hence NOT LOOKING TO INFLICT PAIN! Just making and taking contact. I have other interests outside of the life style, but you have to ask me and find that out for yourself. I won't bite...... unless you need or want me to >:).Hence I am a thinker first, fighter second, lover third. I am not looking for a quick hookup, but for guys that are willing and open to having a long friendship/relationship. I only do real-time meets, no cyber sessions, so please no endless messages. Let's be adults.
Catonsville Maryland

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