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Forester Male 40 Gay Wrestling with sex
Usually try to attend group meetings in Manchester and Barnet at least once a month and this is often the best way for me to meet people. Have been developing skills in submission wrestling and that is my main interest. I prefer proper matches rather than play wrestling. Especially like it when I can learn more from wrestling with a more experienced opponent. Will always try my best and willing hold back for someone inexperienced. I've done very little pro-style, it's not really what I'm interested in but I am open to learning more about it and developing the moves. Willing to travel reasonable distances or meet at group events. Can attend local area in evenings and go further afield at weekends. I originally got into wrestling from a background of play wrestling in lube, Gunge and Mud (see gallery). I don't mind doing erotic / fetish stuff, stakes / spoils if there's a more serious element first. NB. Not a Manchester United fan (or even football) despite the photograph.
Leiscester United Kingdom

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