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I am a flyer by profession and a fighter by choice
username sex age sexual seeking
FlyingFighter Male 40 Gay Open to all
I am not a TRAINED fighter no claim to be one. I am looking for friendly matches that i can host in my hotel room or meet some decent people who are like minded. my taste varies from different things, fantasy wrestling, erotic wrestling and sparring. maybe some gut punching. my skill level is novice to beginner. I am willing to learn and pratice if you are willing to follow my pace. if you are interested in a hotel room match let me know. So I can bring gear. I quit bringing my gear with me because of issues with traveling with it. I am mostly traveling in the mid west section of the united states. Also, I am only interested in meeting guys who have past opponents. Nothing against the newbies who are looking for matches but from past experiences and talking to other fighters it's a good idea. I have met some GREAT people on here. I strongly recommend that you check out my past opponents. Each one of them can verify that I am real and I am willing to meet.
Woodstock Illinois

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