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I like to Fight
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Fitenfool Male 59 Other Open to all
Splitting time between Plattsburgh and Montreal these days. Spring is here (sort of) and this guys thoughts turn towards.....fighting! I am looking to fight - either with rules or without. Also, would be fine with wrestling that involved some punching. All limits respected. I have UFC gloves - but prefer fighting bare fisted. I don't want either of us to wind up in the hospital - but do want us to feel like we have been in a good fight. If someone just wants to fight and call it a day - that's fine. If you want more...I am open to that too. I cannot host - but can travel to your place or to hotels for matches. Also, I have had a few matches in the great outdoors....like it - especially when the nice weather makes an appearance. Soon it will be the ideal time of year for that. I have always wanted a long, rough encounter in a remote area where we both wind up nude, bruised, and dirty. Sound like fun to you? Give me a shout and let's find out how tough we are.
Montreal Quebec
Plattsburgh New York

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