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Lets fight or box or wrestle.
username sex age sexual seeking
Fighter1983 Male 38 Gay Fighting, no sex
Hey I am study boxing and learning submission wrestling. I will give you my all in a match and not back down. As you can tell i have a never say die attitude. You will get a tough match, I wont go down easy. I have place 2 place we can use. One is my home and another is a mat room or I can travel some. I do Sub, box, and some pro. Also body shots. I got boxing gear, and MMa gloves, speedo. So let's lock up and make it happen. Also love to learn from more experienced guys. I got lots of energy and determination. Trust me I wont disappoint you. just look at the guys I have met and what they say. I have wrestled for Movimus.
Jenkintown Pennsylvania

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