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Pro Fantasy Enthusiast and Brutal Fight Fan
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Fight_Addict Male 61 Gay Fighting with sex
Not into competitive matches due to health (kidney-related) issues. Available for pro-fantasy/erotic wrestling/boxing and cyber. I am beefy, moderately hairy, and most will say, cute. Don't look my age, and usually don't act it, either. Into fantasy/role-play scenarios involving pro wrestling/boxing, cage matches, no-rules underground fighting, and I often use stage blood in my scenarios, if both parties are agreeable. Prefer scenarios that end up as one-sided squash jobs, as jobber or heel, depending on the size/personality of my opponent. Dog-collar chain matches, bull-rope matches, winner-rapes-loser, etc., are all part of the fun. I find all of these scenarios extremely erotic! Sexually versatile, and include frottage in my sexual activities. All fight scenarios are a sexual experience for me. Just moved in with roommates, so cannot host, but am open to motel matches, etc. Live on Chicago's north side, and don't travel much, but am open to the possibility. Also enjoy cyber matches, and watching videos/DVDs of brutal, bloody, sadistic pro- wrestling/MMA/movie fight scenes, j/o with a buddy watching with me, cam2cam J/O sessions. The guys bloodying me up in some of my photos are KillerKang and Midwestheel. If you like my profile, please cast a vote. Thanks!
Chicago Illinois
A Sadistic Cage Fight to the KILL!
A Kill In the Ring Is a Beautiful Thing!
Start At About 5 Minutes In For the Bloody Slaughter

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