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Bring it on you big bad bear huggers
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FL_Tazdevil Male 73 Gay Mixed Wrestling
Visiting Linville Falls NC Nov.8-21st. open for wrestling . Boone, Ashville, surrounding area and east TN. Lets wrestle Love wrestling. fun, safe.sane, horseplay, light erotic. my favorite holds are bear hugs, sissors, full nelsons, grapevines...I am willing to travel up to 2 hrs one way for a match and can host as well, Cities with in two hours of me are Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and West Palm area. I am open to all challengers over 18, especially love bigger bear types...age is not important. look forward to hearing from one and all..good wrestling men. Thanks and good wrestling. Camping our way across to Pueblo CO starting April 23, 2018 , Lake Seminole GA till the 30th and then off to AL, MS Texas and CO, home will take a northern rt. to Pigeon Forge TN and then back home to FL.
Rockledge Florida

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