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Looking for fun and sweaty times with other good guys
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FEISTY Male 34 Bisexual Open to all
Mixed (white/black), beefy/stocky build with a belly, safe, sane, normal, respectful guy. Usually up for a match when I'm traveling or if you’re visiting the Portland area. I have portable mats and can sometimes host with enough notice. Otherwise, I’m perfectly cool with a hotel match. Evenings or weekends are usually the best times for me to meet up. Although I obviously love pro-style gear, I’m into many styles of wrestling. An erotic element is always fun, if mutual, but not at all necessary. My ideal types of matches include: EROTIC (crotch grabs, nip play, school boy pins, etc.), GIVE & TAKE, NK STYLE (rip & strip, first to cum, stakes, etc. - rules mutually agreed upon beforehand, of course), PRO/PROMISSION (competitive or playful), SUBMISSION (light to medium, nothing too crazy), and SQUASH MATCHES (especially bigger vs smaller) are probably my favorite style. Love to get tossed around and dominated by big, strong heels. Likewise, I enjoy heeling smaller, older jobbers through a variety of holds, lifts, and pins.. all safe and sane, of course. Other than those, I'm still open to most styles aside from boxing, no holds barred, or anything extreme/hardcore with any potential for injury. That said, a little pain is fine with me, as long as it's safe and all in good fun. (Extra) *Favorite holds/pins: abdominal stretch, back breaker, bear hug, camel clutch, dragon sleeper, full nelson, headlock, school boy, scissor hold, sleeper. *Favorite lifts: body slam, crotch lift, fireman’s carry, gorilla press, piledriver, tombstone, torture rack. Fav wrestlers: Animal (LOD), Arn Anderson, Big Boss Man, Big Bully Busick, Big Show, Bill Eadie, British Bulldog, Brooklyn Brawler, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Dan 'the Beast' Severn, Fit Finlay, Hugh Morris, Ivan Putski, Jacques Rougeau, Jim 'Anvil' Neidhardt, Ken Shamrock, Jerry 'the King' Lawler, Konnan, Mean Mike Enos, Mr. Perfect, Nikoli Volkoff, Prince Albert, Repo Man, Rick Steiner, Ron Simmons, Scott Norton, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tony Halme, Vader, Warlord... To name just a few ;) If I add you as a buddy, it simply means that I like your profile and would love to wrestle you if the opportunity were to present itself. However, I won’t be offended if the feeling isn’t mutual.
Portland Oregon

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