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Looking for fun and sweaty times with other good guys
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FEISTY Male 35 Bisexual Open to all
Mixed (white/black), beefy/stocky build with a belly, safe, sane, normal, respectful guy here. Usually up for matches when I'm traveling or if you’re visiting the Portland area. I have portable mats and can sometimes host with enough notice. Otherwise, I’m always okay with a hotel match. Evenings or weekends are usually the best times for me to meet up, but will do my best to be flexible. I obviously love pro-style gear, but I’m into most styles of wrestling. An erotic element is always fun, if mutual, but neither necessary or required. My ideal types of matches include: - EROTIC (crotch grabs, milking matches, nip play, NK style, rip & strip, school boy pins, stakes, etc.) - GIVE & TAKE (always great for getting pics) - PRO/PROMISSION/SUBMISSION (light to medium, nothing too crazy) - SQUASH MATCHES (especially bigger vs smaller) Love to get tossed around and dominated by big, strong heels. Likewise, I enjoy heeling guys around my size or smaller with a variety of holds, lifts, pins, and poses. Always safe and sane here. Other than that, I'm open to most styles aside from boxing, no holds barred, or anything extreme/hardcore with any potential for injury. A little bit of pain is fine with me, as long as it's safe and all in good fun. Not interested in cyber or phone, unless it’s prior to a potential in-person meet.
Portland Oregon

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