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Fun Indiana Heavyweight!!
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Exjockbear_Indiana Male 63 Gay Open to all
I'm an ex-athlete played football and pro wrestling on Indy level....Have an exjock type build, 6' 248 (Thick belly,chest & legs).... Bear type with light body hair and short beard...Love body contact and erotic mix....Favorite style is pro semi-competative (real holds and submissions), pro competative, erotic submission...also like gut/pec punching, gut/pec claws, full nelson, scissors, bearhugs, sleeper etc. Very much enjoy size difference matches (me the smaller or bigger guy) work well with all sizes....also love massasge, body boxing, light bondage, music, movies, good friends etc. No hangups about age/size/race etc. just want to meet good people and hopoefully long term friends. Have a place to wrestle and other friends in the area for travelers etc.
Columbus Indiana

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