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Eroticwrath Male 35 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
I am experienced in pro wrestling, but that is beside the point, erotic wrestling is where its at! I'm not into fat guys, hairy bears, or bulky dudes, i like cut hard muscle or twinks. I like to dominate but I love to be dominated. I love going back and forth in test of strength and erotic superiority.I love it when I lose and the victor flexes over me with rock hard muscles, gropes my crotch punish my chest, claw my abs and leaves their load on my chest and makes theirs ,however this often puts me in a sexual frenzy, and you will quickly learn the pleasure of my wrath. I love to dominate smaller guys and make them mine. I like to beat them into submission and then force them to cum on themselves. then I like to like to cum on top of their chest leaving my mark on their defeated body. not really into oral or anal sex I have never tried it but I have an open mind. I'm more into froting and jacking off. I like to give massages and muscle worship on days when you don't feel like fighting for it. Love to give massage, that way I make you feel good an I get my happy getting to touch rock hard muscle, specially abs! by the way does not have to only be about sex. i can be friends with other muscle and wrestling fans. we can trade videos discuss whatever. im person not a sex fiend X-)
Norfolk Virginia

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