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Pro-style style wrestling with Big Guys
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Draven_Powers Male 48 Gay Wrestling, no sex
I'm 6' 1', and looking to meet big/chubby guys for wrestling: both Pro-style & Pro- fantasy. I'm a regular attendee of the ATL Clash of the Titans I'm looking for more instruction/advancement from experienced large men (interested in playing heel roles). Would love to Face for you, if you can Heel in the style/spirit of hot guys like: Buzz Sawyer, Warlord & Barbarian, Paul Roma, John Nord, Hercules, & BG's Brooklyn Bodywrecker! Not looking to hurt others, get hurt, or dangerous stuff: although I do try hard to sell your moves nicely. The newest pics are from Clash 2017. I was in several Tag-Team Matches and an interesting Battle Royal, among the numerous other singles matches I had! If you would like to set up a match, feel free to contact me! I have limits, and I always respect others' limits. No prejudical stuff here...you be the same. Not a premium member.
Jacksonville Florida

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