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'Brit Pro heel. 200# 510 brn/blu
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DomWrstlr_UK Male 57 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
'Brit Pro heel. 200# 510 brn/blu smooth. Wrestle pro style in speedos n boots. Love to work over smooth jobber in all backbreakers, bostons, camels. Over knee or shoulder breakers. Bearhugs, Scissors, figure 4s slams, suplexes, Pile Drivers,full nelsons. Dirty tactics, hair pulling, chokes, smothers, facesits, stomps, face rakes, trunk pulls. Like to take my time to really work a hot jobber, keep them on the edge of submission then move to another body part and work that till its weakened enough for you to submit, but move back to another area to keep you on the edge of submission. Let you submit, but still keep the hold on Safe, sane, but hot! Have pics to trade, no profile, no chat.' If you get a flirt from me and I'm online, you can find me in the new chat room. Stop in and say hello there.
Leeds United Kingdom

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