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Frotting and erotic wrestling
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Dickrubs Male 68 Bisexual Play wrestling
I enjoy rubbing hard ones with full body contact, aggressive tongue wrestling and grasping various body parts. I’m also into cockfighting, first or last to cum matches, nude semi- and non-competitive erotic wrestling, trading holds, nip play, hair grabbing, naked nelsons and mutual head scissors, bearhugs and entwining legs. I am 5” x 4” cut so desire like size for frotting and cockfighting, as well as same body size and age generally, but prefer no facial hair. Rubbing bulges in sexy skimpy thongs, g- strings, and bikinis on the way to getting naked and sweaty with another guy is great fun, as is cumming on each other’s hard cock and balls as we thrust shaft against shaft. Redheads are especially sought, as are those wanting to frot with both cocks in one condom. Admittedly, I am pretty pickey but at my age there really isn’t any reason not to be!
Austin Texas

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