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Desterfight Male 51 Other Workout Buddy
Im just a genuine and decent guy, totally up front.. Happy go lucky...who just happens to enjoy lifting and wrestling with mates.. Now over 50 its becoming more pro/give and take but I can still go fully competitive with the right opponent (similar weight) . Im happy to host workout meets and I have enough space for a reasonable match. Im up for a bit of erotic if there's chemistry but it isnt essential.. Ive had some great matches and made some good friends over the years. This isnt my first profile and you may find me on other sites too. Im always happy to keep in touch.. Facebook and Skype friendly - ask for details. If you are unsure about meeting me, please check my recommendations. I might look big but Im totally ego free, safe and friendly. Im happy to skype if it helps .. Im a very genuine person but please note, Im not looking for love on this site. Wrestling and workout mates ONLY. Im lucky enough to have a great partner who allows me to carry on with wrestle meets. Im glad I can be honest and open about it. In very sad but loving memory of our very special friend Tyger ... a GREAT guy on and off the mats Here's to the big wrestling ring in the sky mate... Til we meet (and fight) again... x
Brighton United Kingdom

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