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Desterfight Male 51 Other Workout Buddy
Ive had some great meets and made some good friends on this site from this and previous profiles. Thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to chat and stay in contact over the years, and a very special thanks to those of you who actually had the balls to meet me ... Its been a lot of fun. Im here for wrestle meets (some play boxing) with like minded men...from real to play... host / trav I can host workout meets with decent gym equipment. I can act as a personal trainer - expect to be pushed if you want a workout session - I want u to get the most out of it for YOUR benefit. Wrestle meets. I can lay out a reasonable area for a home match. or Im happy to travel if you have a better set up or meet you at one of the venues. I can also do boxing sparing meets at my place and can set up a 4ft punch bag if u wanna do some bag work...Im not highly skilled at boxing so its friendly sparing and play ONLY..!! as far as anything else goes, we are all grown up and Im sure men of the world. What happens happens.
Brighton United Kingdom

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