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Life long athlete into wrestling....need I say more?
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Denver1 Male 54 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
Hey men....muscled and fit athlete here 6', 195#, 48' ch, 34' w. Like various styles -- submission, promission, give and take, exchanging holds, rough housing, freestyle/folkstyle, wrestling to exhaustion and erotic if both into it. Prostyle is good too but like real, long held holds. Comfortable as either a heel or jobber. Have access to mats and fine with hotel matches too. Always like to work up a good sweat and I have great stamina for long matches. If you want to know more just ask! Frot, exchanging holds and creative/role play oriented men are hot. Off the mats, I'm the type of guy you want to have a beer with and watch sports with too. Welcome visitors! Want to know more...just ask? I travel for business too so if I'm checking your profile I may be coming you way (or I just find it interesting). Cheers! P.S. Have a few of Stories posted here. The latest is Fireman's Carry IV - Dragon Fire! Peace and let me know what you think...or just challenge me to a match!
Denver Colorado

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