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DelawareMuscle Male 59 Gay Wrestling with sex
Cocky. compact muscle dude. Skilled and experienced. Looking for competitive matches in submission or erotic. Ready to challenge a winner? After years of using the same description, I figured it was time to update who I am and how wrestling fits into that. First off, I've always defined myself partially in my athleticism and talents. Wrestling has been a great way to show my level of fitness and typically come on top in any challenge. But... With age, not only comes wisdom -- you also learn to accept defeat from time to time. Sure, I'm still that cocky guy, but my record isn't that an undefeated champ. I can be beat. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's all about the challenge and going out on the mats to win. And picking yourself off them when you fall short. So if you want a match with a good, solid, fit former jock, I'm your man. Chances are, I'll still win. But I've learned that there are no givens in life. Finally, the kind of guy I find attractive is another fit, athletic and hard working mature guy. Mature muscle is a sign of a man's commitment to life long fitness, healthy living and pride. Naturally built muscle guys 45 and above -- step to the front of the line. There's a few of you in that are standouts in my book. Mark, you know who you are.
Newark Delaware

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