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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida Love lite erotic submission wrestling.Body contact, water wrestling
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Dean2009 Male 62 Gay Relationship
SAY HELLO AND SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH THE HELLO. THANKS. PLEASE ONLY CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE WITHIN THE FORT LAUDERDALE AREA, OR PLAN ON BEING IN THIS AREA IN THE NEXT MONTH ( 4 WEEKS) I DO NOT PLAN MATCH TOO FAR IN ADVANCE BECAUSE OF THE FLAKES AND NO SHOWS THAT COME TO THIS AREA. . THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND COOPERATION. WATER WRESTLING IS NUMBER 1, LETS DO IT. MAYBE SOME EXTREMELY SLOW EROTIC WRESTLING WITH THE RIGHT PERSON ON THE MATS BUT THAT IS IT, NO CHALLENGES, NO STRUGGLES OR MATCHES TO WIN. BUT NEVER SAY NEVER. Single looking to date a wrestler and or bodybuilder 40 to 79 years old. I am a heel, have a heel or jobber going to be there. I admire muscle, so come flex and tell me what you like. Setting up information of those who would like to wrestle me and are or will be in the Fort Lauderdale Florida, area and like to wrestle, roll around, or water wrestle. Global fight has been nice enough to give us two emails a day so if you want to contact me, please use one and enclose your email address just in case I have used both of mine. IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF WHEN YOU WILL BE GETTING TO THIS AREA, THEN THERE IS NO USE IN US TALKING ABOUT A MATCH THAT IS PROBABLY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I appreciate you looking at my profile and you never know, maybe one day one of us will be in each others land soon. It can be for body contact. It could be a learning experience. All ages, all heights, and all weights. Email me here, or tell me your email address and I can send you out some information on it. I love ball busting and cheap shots to the crotch, getting them, and giving them out. Tell me you are from Global fight so I know. Erotic sub wrestler looking to have a good time with an in shape muscle dude that likes body contact and slow grinding moves. Love water wrestling year round. If you don't mind just a little cool water in the winter time, I have fun planned for you. Also like showing others how you can get in shape by doing a slow movement workout for those who are out of shape and looking to get into shape. I'm in Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale Florida. Lite sub matches wanted ON THE MATS AND ESPECIALLY IN THE WATER.. Email me with your email address and lets talk. Does not matter the age, 18 to 90 is fine with me. Dean See profile and details about me above and talk soon. Dont be afraid to say hi, I PROMISE I will reply back as long as you leave an email address so I can contact you at. Dean PS: LOVE WATER WRESTLING . I hope to hear from you soon. I do workshops all around the USA so you never know when I will be in your area. Ask how you can set up a workshop if you want, more reasonable than you think. thanks. Believe it or not, getting to be more of a bottom. Happy with even just to talk IN PERSON and go from there. Dean
Fort Lauderdale Florida

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