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David N Chattanooga
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David_N_Chattanooga Male 56 Gay Open to all
I love man to man contact. . Wrestling is a great start. My parents smoked when I was young and now I have exercise induced asthma - limits endurance, but I keep going. I like CBT give and receive - even restraints. Muscle worship/flexing gets me going. Open to various sexual experiences - I usually top. Can host or travel. I have a PA piercing. Love to jack others and be jacked - I cum buckets. I also enjoy 'sounding'. My husband (Joey37421) and I offer our guest bedroom and guest bath as a gay B&B. You can check us out on 'MisterB&B' - search for Chattanooga, TN, USA as 'The Guys B&B'. Joe has extensive restaurant experience and loves to cook. Both provide room service! We have a hot tub open all year and an above ground pool in the warmer months...great play areas! We also have woods behind our house for exploring or getting tied up in and used.
Chattanooga Tennessee

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