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Looking for Older Heavy Hairy Submissive
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DavidEInWpg Male 58 Gay Wrestling with sex
I'm looking to meet guys with whom I can wrestle and share common interests. If we can't meet in person due to distance, I'd still love to share chat messages, pictures and videos. I'd like to hear from you regardless of what you look like and I will respond to all messages. The following is what really turns me on, but you don't have to fit the description exactly for me to be VERY interested: The perfect man for me is heavy (190-265 lbs), hairy, older (50-65), white, submissive, exhibitionist, jobber with an inny belly button, short hair that's thinning, balding or bald and clean shaven. Bubble Butt. I like it when you haven't lost weight. Loose and jiggly isn't as appealing as firm and taught. A person who spends most of his time in his underwear (briefs or tighty whities) is a real turn on. - I'm a non-smoker and I don't do drugs or drink. I don't have any STD's. My preference would be the same in anyone I'm with. I love to cuddle and take part in body contact, touching, caressing and rubbing / massage. I've never done any kind of oil wrestling, but fantacise about it and would love to try it. I also enjoy showering with another soapy man. I'm not looking for competitive wrestling, just body contact and playing around / fantacy role play. I jack off regularly to pictures and videos and am always looking for more pictures and videos. Even if you're not my type and I'm not your type, if we have a common interest we can help each other find and share pictures and videos. Some of the MANY wrestlers who interest me are: Rick Hunter, Kenny 'sodbuster' Jay, George Gadaski, Verne Gagne, The Crusher, Bulldog Bob Brown, Tony Morelli, Tom Rice, Rocket Monroe, Abe 'King Kong' Kashey, Clyde Steeves, Danny Parasa, Dutch Hefner, George Skaaland (George Lenahan), Hard Boiled Haggerty, Johnny Kace, Lorenzo Parente, Patrick Fraley, Ruffy Silverstein, Jack Wilson, Buffalo Bill Cody, Bob Geigel, Dick The Bulldog Brower, Don Kent, Fritz Von Erik, Gene Ligon, Jack Kruger, Len Shelley, Max Blue, Mike Luca, Nelson Royal, The Crusher, Tony Borne, Gordon Nelson, Frank Scarpa, Geoff Portz, John Tolos... I enjoy swimming, travelling and I have a fantacy of camping with an older man (sex in the great outdoors).
Winnipeg Manitoba

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