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wrestle in Ireland, also travel in Europe
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DaveIrl Male 57 Bisexual Mixed Wrestling
fit guy here, lean muscular, height 178, 72 kg, into wrestling but not a huge amount of experience. Winning or losing is not so important for me but I enjoy the rough fun of wrestling in jeans, shorts or nude. Enjoy oil wrestling and would like to try mud ( in summer!) Would also like to meet females or couples for fun wrestling. Enjoy gut-punching too both give and take. Currently basic member so could you leave your e-mail address please? (No point in leaving message otherwise as I won't be able to get back to you.) Thanks, Dave. Voy a Madrid con una cierta frecuencia y me gustaría conocer a hombres o parejas allí para luchar - en plan pasarlo bien, en pantalones cortos o en pelotas. Deja un mensaje y por favor dirección de correo electrónico - para poder contestarte, gracias - y a ver que pasa, Dave
Galway Ireland

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