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Dad4scissors Male 76 Other Play wrestling
A guy once told me that wrestling with me was like being coiled by a giant boa constrictor, with my arms and legs overpowering just about every part of his body. Well, that’s exactly what I aim for. And once I’ve got a guy overpowered, there’s no escape. I only do ‘slow and easy’, though, no pain, no gain other than having a great time and making lifelong friends. I’ve kept my physique going through the years, even now in my 70s, using isometric exercises in a routine I developed. It works, too, judging by what I see and feel, and I reckon I’ve got the evidence that a regular isometrics routine can keep the body looking good even into old age, something worth keeping it up for, it only takes a few minutes and the habit of doing the exercises spills over into normal everyday life such as when sitting at a desk. I was on MenWrestle for some years until two or three years ago and enjoyed the chats I had, I wish people would know what great guys are on here. I even found some guys who shared some of my own fetishes, and stories of wrestling experiences. I hope to have the same again now.
Newcastle under Lyme United Kingdom

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