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Pro fantasy and all its kinks!
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DVillee Male 33 Gay Play wrestling
Into play wrestling and possible erotic, can do different scenes, like masks, pro and fantasy and father/son. Enjoy briefs and underwear attire, and masks. LOVE masks. Also, can do boxing as well, can do fantasy boxing as well, mostly preferred, but of course all violence is staged, safe and sane ALWAYS. Limited travel. Cannot host. Hit me up in chat for a cyber as well, love doing them with those too far away! *** I understand some people are shy, heck even scared of really getting into this fetish of wrestling and body contact, but please do not be rude. If I ask to exchange pics or even just try to send one, kindly reply no if you're not into it. Don't sign the chat or whatever messenger we're using and then ignore me like I'm a creeper.*** FINAL NOTE: I don't tend to get around a lot, so cyber is my main match type. If we do in fact cyber, please have some IMAGINATION. I'm really tired of half sentence responses that have no life or creativity behind them. I want to have fun when I write them and I enjoy all kinds of scenarios, but it's a two way street. I'm not gonna just fight myself because you're lazy. Also, please try to have a good face pic handy. It's 2015, a lack of photos of yourself is not an excuse. Everything has a camera these days.
Coral Springs Florida

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