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Demolished.... Jobber for pro fantasy
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DEMOLISHED Male 70 Gay Jackoff Buddies
Mature hairy 64 in good shape. I am a total narcisist, in love with my own perfection and I am a total misogynist (woman hater). I seek other mature men with the same attitudes who enjoy pro fantasy wrestling action combined with mutual oiling and worship sessions. I love to trash talk women and see them defeated in pro action and want to get off with men who like the same. Am open to big bisexluals with grudges against women. Its all about man to man worship, male superiority, and mutual worship and body contact. Can host . private poolside venue with mirrors. Love all the old school pro wrestling nazi badboys also. I am hard core in these attitudes and like men who feel the same. Want to session... ? big titted , big bellied hairy bruisers step to the front of the line. Lets get off on the fetish action we like.

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