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I'll Probably Lose
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DCJobber4 Male 44 Gay Squash Match
Into the erotic side of wrestling more than anything. Probably a bit out of sync with this site... but my interest in this stuff isn't directly with limited to 'wrestling' exactly. I don't have a 'favorite hold' for instance. So non 'match' type encounters work for me too (intruder, kidnap, superhero, general beatdown etc.). Basically looking for doms who assert physical dominance, which leads to me submitting to the better man, physically and otherwise. Whether you do that with wrestling moves, or just general roughhousing doesn't matter. Happy to wrestle for real and struggle back... or a more fantasy type approach for guys who prefer that or due to age or fitness can't do the real thing. Either way, the end goal is for me to be overpowered and generally beaten by a better alpha male. Love lift and carry or recognition of defeat at the end.
Washington District of Columbia

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