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Cubby Male 24 Gay Open to all
Hey there Everybody. names Jesse and was looking to maybe set up some matches sometime. gathered a decent surface knowledge if most wrestling but always ready to learn and try anything. stats are as such, about 5'10 230lb with 3 years of high school wrestling under my belt. got a few matches with a few great guys on here i hope to make the list much larger! i try to be a genuine guy and will be real with you as long as you do the same other then much love for the sport of wrestling im meeting some great guys and friends. friendship is one of my major things about this site being comfortable with someone makes it much better to wrestle and meetup! hope to get into more action whether it be pro or sub and everything in-between. if im ever in chat shoot me a message sometime and i usually do reply apologies if otherwise, love to chat on wrestling but enjoy occasional conversations about other things. lets all have a great time and wrestle! -Jesse
Gainesville Florida

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