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Crumpy Male 33 Gay Play wrestling
Love to wrestle and have my limits put to the test. Love to be dominated and put into face sit pins, scissors, bear hugs and more I'm not a pushover. I like to fight back and try my hardest. Something satisfying about getting a bigger lad to tap out or submit. Just make sure you come back at me harder I'm more into erotic wrestling, submissions, pro style and rolling around getting lifted, thrown about and put into different holds. Love nothing more than being put into a hold where I'm stuck and having my opponent having a bit of a mock at me in such an embaressing predicament or hold. Crotch on face sitting whilst being asked if I'm ok down there... But warning. Once I'm free it's my turn! Better prepare yourselves Just as equally forget the jobber heel roles and get into a decent roll around and I'm just as happy. I'm starting to learn alot more and hopefully becoming more and more of an opponent. Into speedos. Spandex. Wedgies Message me if anyone is interested and lets see where things go.
Nottingham United Kingdom

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