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Combatsportsfun Male 32 Straight Open to all
Thanks for checking out my profile! I train in BJJ (gi/no gi), Muay Thai/boxing, and folk style wrestling. I’m ok at Muay Thai and boxing, and happy to challenge myself to see how long I last anything I can improve on my skills. Please I do not have interested in dating or doing cyber matches. I currently a blue belt in BJJ. Have been doing wrestling/BJJ for approximately 4 years, and still learning as much as possible in improving my technique. Also, actively competing in BJJ (no gi/gi) and folkstyle wrestling whenever possible. I’ve gotten a few medals in BJJ. Open to try new things and like to experiment with wrestling or boxing rules. I am willing to try erotic boxing/wrestling/bjj. A few things on my bucket list is first to cum/milking wrestling/boxing, strip wrestling/bjj, and a variation of 2vs1/group team fighting (or grappling). In these matches I have a belief that the loser should be humiliated losing the match definitely by milking the opponent dry and multiple rounds. Side note, I have a fantasy of trying a bjj (or grappling) strip match in gi with first to cum/milking element in it. Please let me know if you have a match style/stake/rules you like to do or try. Feel free to ask me if I have an idea for matches I would like to try. I May surprise you and will try it. Erotic matches are not required for me to roll or spar with you. Feel free to message me especially! Skype Kik
Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Manassas Virginia
Morristown Tennessee
Tampa Florida

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