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Former Part time Pro looking for action both inside and outside the ring!
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ColonelCrusher Male 71 Gay Wrestling with sex
After so many of my buddies told me about this site, I decided the time was right to join. I was a part time pro wrestler here in Europe in the '80s. A small independent called W.A.M. Wrestlers of the American Military. We would wrestle on military bases and in German towns. I first started out as Major Mauler then as Colonel Crusher, after I got promoted. Still enjoy wrestling any style, winner take all. I'll ride you hard and put you away wet! I really enjoy leather S&M matches with the loser being dog collared, tit clamped and cuffed in the middle of the ring. Saying that, I can also be on my best behavior for you vanila guys. (At least at first LOL) I'm also proud to be an Volunteer Firefighter (life member of my department) and retired military. Ride a Harley Davidson Firefighter Special Edition Ultra Classic with a sidecar, which was probably the only one in Europe when I lived there. Right now I'm sporting a ' Bad Santa' beard with the handlebar moustache. My piercings include a septum, and a PA. Lived in Europe on and off for over 13 years in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Bosnia. Been described as an Alpha Daddy. The colors I fly are the colors I wear. The Harley colors of orange, black, and white (on the left of course) as well fire engine red. I smoke big ass cigars (at least 60 ring size) during sex but not requirement. Looking for men who have been around a while and know what they want. Facial hair, at least a moustache, usually is a must, and so is the ability to feel comfortable with a man who knows what he wants and gets it. Born blue collar and now wears a suit by day, and leathers in the ring. For those too dumb to understand, yes the PA does come out so I won't hurt your dental work.
Arcadia Florida

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