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College student into wrestling!
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Collegiate29 Male 20 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Hey everybody, how's it going? I'm a college student in the DC/Baltimore area who loves wrestling as a fun stress reliever. I'm inexperienced, but I'd love to learn more about wrestling. Match types that I'm interested in include fun but semi-competitive submission wrestling, trading holds so that I can learn a few, and just rolling around for fun. My main goal is to have fun while working out and learning a thing or two about wrestling. I'm also definitely into the idea of having an erotic match if the chemistry is right. In the match, I'm down to wrestle nude or use sexual rules like first to cum loses. I'm also interested in having a stakes match. Stakes that I'm interested in wrestling for include: loser sucks the winner, winner gets to spank the loser, and winner gets to pose on top of/with the loser. If the chemistry is really there, I might also be interested in wrestling for top.
Baltimore Maryland
Las Vegas Nevada

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