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CoachDad Male 84 Other Wrestling with sex
Was very much into Erotic Submission Wrestling for a number of years, usually being the more Dominant one. Enjoy slow submission matches with penalties for the loser - the struggle to gain control - long held holds, give and take, or just trying out various holds on each other - like friendly sweaty rough housing fun - the male bonding aspect of wrestling and the energy exchange between two men; not into any punching, nor stand-up fighting!! A torn rotator cuff put an end to that, but I miss it - a lot - so would like to explore with someone 18-60 to see what my capabilities are now. Miss the intense physical contact - the straining in trying to subdue an opponent, or to break a hold. Wrestling in briefs or jock preferred - no shirts/shoes, along with role play (Coach/Jock, Dad/Stepson, etc)! Wrestle to complete submission with winner deciding penalty for loser from previously agreed to stakes! Also enjoy giving/receiving full body massage! No married men, please; and if you suffer from TDS, we are probably not going to get along. And that is most likely to be the case if you are 'out'; I am not - have tried to get along with those who are - several times - just doesn't work, so let's not waste each other's time. Will no doubt receive some hate msgs for that, but I've become accustomed to it. Not a paying member, so my daily msgs are limited.
Geneva New York

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