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Christos Male 49 Gay Wrestling with sex
Grey haired, blue eyed Guys A . Also a big turn on when wrestling pro style,are the dirty tactics.Pleased be advised that anyone coming to Athens for a visit, it is impossible for me to travel there as I live the opposite end of the Country.I have commitments and will not be able to meet prospective opponents there. I am wrestling for the sport only with very few str8 guys and i want to keep it that way.I might wrestle more str8 guys only in a group meeting. Now when it comes to wrestle with my own kind.... the gays...i have more expectations.I like to be frisky and more erotic some times during other times after wrestling when chemistry is right.So gay guys that are wrestling only for the sport or if there is no chemistry...no need to bother wrestling with each other. For me a good wrestler is a person that doesn't cause injuries and takes good care of his opponents.Thanks.
Thessaloniki Greece

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