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Lets Roll, Phoenix AZ
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ChiTownLifter Male 51 Other Submission Wrestling
Worked out personal trainer and very strong for my size wrestler for submission or pin wrestling. Looking for other wrestlers that workout and in above average shape. Like to I workout 6 days a week and am able to go the distance. Being a personal fitness trainer I don't have alot of time for matches but will select an opponent when time and planning permit. Prefer challengers within 10-40lbs either way. Occasionally exceptions may be made. While I technically live NW burbs I work in city some so can host in burbs or travel to city and hotel matches are always interesting, Ha Ha. If you want to know anything just ask. Especially down for matches with cocky muscle boys that think they are all that! I love to turn the tables on these guys that brag how they are so good or that they always win blah blah blah! If you workout now and need a workout/ grappling partner I do have mats and am up for that as well. Have new lightweight mats so for the right worthy opponent I might be able to bring mats to where you are.
Phoenix Arizona

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