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Rough? Alpha? Try and Take Me!
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Charlie_Evans Male 30 Gay Squash Match
UPDATE 3: I can't believe it's finally happened, but my Debut match is now officially live!!! And it's easily, hands down, one of the best matches I've gotten to do! *Sorry for not being on in months! Crazy schedule:( I also seem to have lost all my messages (so sorry!), so please definitely shoot me a message if we had been chatting! UPDATE: Sorry I've been off for a couple months! Big news: finally had some matches that will be popping up online in the near future/will update when they hit! I love wrestling, especially locking-up with someone twice my size or more! I like to be able to give 100% of everything I've got but still get smacked around and put in my place. I've had numerous semipro matches with legit online wrestling superstars. I've left the ring covered with welts and bruises, so if you can dish it, I can def take it! Open to pretty much anything: pro; sub; evenly matched; size differences; legit fighting; etc. Best moves are anything that has me treated like a ragdoll: bearhugs, racks, fullnelsons, slams, over-the-knee backbreakers. Most guys don't have too much trouble tossing me around :) Can travel pretty much anywhere in MA or nearby states. Shoot me a message, see what happens! Feel free to ask about private matches!
Boston Massachusetts

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