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Charles loves to wrestle muscular and fit guys
username sex age sexual seeking
Charleswrestles Male 65 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
I love to work out and I love wrestling. We can do the pro style or just submissions and pins. I wrestle in real life and also do the cyber wrestling. We can do it rough or clean, whatever you want, but it must stay safe and sane. I love wrestling other muscular or beefy guys and love to work up a real good sweat while wrestling. I have a thick hairy chest and love to show it by flexing and posing for my opponent. Bring it on if you are interested. My wife is named Pat. She is 5 9 and 155 and is very fit and athletic with great legs. She is just getting into wrestling so we are interested in female opponents for her as well as mixed tag team matches with the right couple.
Minneapolis Minnesota

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