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Looking for other masculine guys who WANNA WRESTLE and strip down BAREFOOT in SPEEDO TRUNKS!!!
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Chachi Male 57 Gay Play wrestling
This site has all types of guys and body types and I AM THE SHORT STOCKY, THICK FROM HEAD TO TOE BLACK GUY/BROTHER! I BELIEVE IN HAVING INTENSE WRESTLING CHEMISTRY WITH OTHER GUYS WHO FIND MY PROFILE FITS SOMEONE THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE BUDDIES WITH AND WRESTLE, SHOULD I BE YOUR TYPE! I BELIEVE IN BEING HONEST, UP FRONT ABOUT MY PASSION AND LOVE OF WRESTLING! AND YES I LOVE TO TALK AND SHARE WRESTLING DISCUSSIONS ANY TIME! I GET A RISE OUT OF OTHERS WHO ALSO ENJOY REMEMBERING HOW WE FIRST GOT INTO WRESTLING, OUR FIRST AND OTHER WRESTLING EXPERIENCES! MY MOTTO IS: NO STRINGS, NO PRESSURE AND NO DRAMA! So I hope my profile appeals to the guys who like me are positive, masculine and down to earth, and who have a passion and desire for the safe, sane, playful and physical eroticism of wrestling! Meaning you may have felt something strong and deep about wrestling most of your life! The idea and the mention of the word WRESTLING in any form, LIKE ME, gets a serious rise from YOU!!! YOU feel like you 'eat, sleep and breath WRESTLING!!!' Also, have the passion and desire to put your love of wrestling into spoken/written words!!! You love to exchange hot wrestling holds that are both playful and erotic in nature! Also that you like the Frot-like stimulation of the physical body contact, the aphrodisiac effect from the feel and smell of each other's mansweat [especially from the armpits--HEADLOCKS, crotch--HEAD SCISSORS--and even that clean natural sweat that forms between the buttocks--FACE SITTING--as you roll around wrestling; and most of all the mutual chemistry based on getting to know the other guy and how you click and are compatible wrestlingwise!!! If you wondering, I am the stocky black guy in primary picture wearing the black speedo trunks on top of my wrestling buddy with my chest to his back and my crotch to his backside! In the other pics I am either in the blue swim trunks in some pics, and the black Speedo trunks with the head scissors around a buddy's head! That is also me in the Black trunks wrestling and riding him crotch to @$$ [I admit I love the physical Frot-like stimulation of the bodies thrashing crotch to crotch and crotch to azz as we roll around on the mat or bed trying to pin each other down!] let's see who pins who! Yeah so if you can't pin me, I will turn the tables to clamp on a full nelson and press my thick chest to your back and my crotch pressed to the seat of your trunks as I flatten you out and ride you!]. I am seeking other masculine guys into BAREFOOT in Speedo wrestling. Those who are passionate about talking about wrestling, making challenges, about the hot and sweaty man to man hot and horny body contact enjoying the natural feel and smell of the sweat [especially from your armpits and crotch areas as we wrestle close and tight], the entanglement of the bodies arms, legs, fingers and toes grappling and thrashing crotch to crotch and crotch to azz in one wrestling hold and position after another! Challenge me, let's talk about a hot barefoot match! Seeking guys who are open minded and liberal about why they love to wrestle, who know and admit how much they enjoy the masculine body contact and the stimulation of the hot and sweaty struggle as well as the mutual erotic masculine pleasure of horsing around like horny frat boys in Speedo trunks/underwear. I also have a FOOT Festish and love the BAREFOOT entanglements and wrestling holds and positions that may be foot to face, foot to crotch and other holds to use the BARE FEET to dominate like armstretches, figure-four scissors, as well as toe holds, foot rakes, etc. Love exchange of creative erotic wrestling ideas, styles of matches that are safe, sane and good natured. I have wrestled BIG_AL, EBONYSTEEL [we have had some very erotically intense playful wrestling, Bed Wrestling and Oil wrestling matches!], I have also wrestled SPLATTED [hot barefoot exchange and Bed wrestling match], wrestled BLACK HERCULES/ENOCH (aka Buck Rogers), Big Al, Ebony Steel thighs, Thicknbeefy, to name a few! I have wrestled many others in my Favorites here and through other sites and wrestling networks! Let's do it, chat/dialog, meet, greet then strip down barefoot in Speedo trunks and get it on. I do like Domination/Humiliation elements in my matches of rubbing armpits, crotches, bare feet in faces, face sitting, especially Reverse Schoolboy pins, FROT. Not into pain or trying to injure anyone or be injured, just hot masculine erotic and playful barefoot grappling and good natured man tussles! GET AT ME STUD! These days I find I am more and more into hot Bed Wrestling matches with other masculine guys/buddies whether planned or spontaneous, both of which are a big rush for me! Hotel rooms are another source of many hot wrestling encounters for me! As with many guys here, I don't really like showing my face, unless it is to guys I feel are interested in forming friendships, interesting in wrestling me! I hope that does not offend anyone, but that is a personal choice I have made for me. Well I have said enough, and if you want to shut me up, LOL, TRY AND PIN ME DOWN!!
District of Columbia District of Columbia

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