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CWE_Guy Male 62 Gay Jackoff Buddies
I am a hairy, decent-looking Jewish professional guy looking for another educated, articulate man with whom to build a relationship based on shared interests, intellectual compatibility, safe sex, mutual respect, and tenderness. I am posting at MenWrestle because this is the website of the nicest guys on the net. But I am not into the fighting/wrestling aspect promoted here. I am just trying to meet a decent guy for a potentially long-term relationship. I have a fairly narrow range of physical preferences, so that limits the choices considerably. I would like to meet someone in the stated age range who has dark hair and dark eyes, is not overweight, can be hairy or smooth (though I do like hairy thighs and legs), is smart, professional, educated, and employed. Any kind of anal sex is a non-starter. I also prefer Jewish guys. I am not willing to travel, so please be in St. Louis.
Kansas City Missouri

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