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If I randomly leave the chat, my time ran out :)
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CRedfield Male 36 Gay Submission Wrestling
Been wrestling off and on for about 10 years now. Have a bit of experience and can always hold my own in a match. Prefer you be in shape, sub matches preferred, but not set in stone. Fairly experienced and am just looking to have fun. Have face pics to trade, you should too. Let's face it. Most of the guys I'd like to meet are either fake or not interested. And I can't believe this needs to be said, but if you freak out at me for not immediately responding in the chat, just move along. You already shot yourself in the foot by acting crazy. Don't waste my time and please recognize sarcasm. Or don't bother at all, simple enough. I can't believe I actually need to put this in here, but if you're going to reach out and ask me if I want to wrestle you when you're near me, don't blame me when we talk weeks later and ask where I was. I was exactly where I should have been--waiting for you to tell me you were in my area and ready to roll. It's called follow up, people.
Piqua Ohio

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