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CONNECTICUTJOBBER Male 67 Gay Wrestling with sex
Hello Wrestlers..Sadly, my Love and Desire of being a JOBBER in a match, has come to an end. Just prior to the pandemic, I suffered a horrible fall, ( basement stairs ) and blew out 4 disks. Many Hospital visits, doctor visits, and therapy up ones butt. A slow, painful rehab but gaining my mobility back as the day's go by. Since I can no longer get into a heated jobber / heel match, ( fear of OUCH ! ) I'M now moving into being a HOLD DUMMY, so to speak. Lock a hold on me and work it. Still love Headlocks, Scissors, and NON BACK USAGE holds. Altho I'm sad my physical ability is limited, I can't completely give up on my JOBBER MENTALLY.
Norwalk Connecticut

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