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Coastalwrestler..always up for a wrestle..
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COASTMAN Male 68 Gay Wrestling with sex
friendly but competitive tactile amateur wrestling fan..enjoy role play dominant or sub. .enjoy rip and strip , oil and any erotic wrestling..prepared to try new styles and gear. not into heavy pain. like clean guys but don t mind a bit of good honest sweat. Happy to travel or can accomodate.enjoy most safe sex..and good wanking and group wrestle and sex ..get in touch am usually very up for a meet. Basic member so please send me your email and I will def. reply. Hope to create a group fairly locally but will travel most places for a match. Was weaned on old World of Sport Saturday afternoon wrestling on TV..was hooked immediately and wrestled quite a bit when younger but seems to be more difficult to meet up now so Global site very welcome.. Have a couple of old wrestling vids..one privately made..would like to make some vids and take some action pics if anyone is up for it.. AM NOW PREMIUM MEMBER SO GET IN TOUCH AND I'LL SEND U MY EMAIL ADDRESS.. Rich
Bournemouth United Kingdom

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