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I'm NOT always a nice guy....
username sex age sexual seeking
COACH Male 59 Gay Wrestling, no sex
I know we take a lot of pictures in the ring, I wrestle submission as well....love both styles! Have ring, or mats and all the gear. Age and Size are not important, as long as you want to wrestle. Submission, Pro-mission, Pro, collegiate, or just horsing around. Not looking for erotic as the sole purpose of the match, but understand it can be an aspect of the match Single or tag matches in submission and pro, so 8 man tag is available !! From mild to wild, and everything inbetween. Big furry muscles appreciated. Singlets, speedo's, or jeans. Open to other gear like football, soccer, rugby….or uniforms… get creative, Im sure we can work out something...Amateur shoes, pro boots, to barefoot. Name your gear. Limits respected. 2019: CLAW - Cleveland - April 25 - 28. IML - Chicago - May 23 - 27. Bear Week - PTown - July 14 - 21. ILSb-ICBB - Dallas - Aug 29 - Sept 2. Palm Spring - Oct 18 - 27
Toronto Warehouse Wrestling

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