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Looking for someone who is into nude erotic or sex wrestling
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CLIFF Male 53 Gay Fuck Buddies
Single gay black male, 52 years of age, 5'5, 195 pounds, stocky build, clean cut, clean shaven, hiv-, non-drinker, non-smoker, non-drug-user, wants to meet other gay men black or white between the ages of 30 to 60 in the greater toronto area for nude erotic wrestling matches. Must have a place of your own so that we can wrestle. Out-of-town hotel guests more than welcome as long as you have a large hotel suite so that you and I can wrestle in. I am into cock- fights, close physical wrestling contact, and sex wrestling. I like to take things slow in order to feel out my wrestling partner. I am not into pain of any kind, just an erotic and sensual wrestling match with lots of safe sex afterwards. I have been wrestling since high school and I want my wrestling oppenant to be 5,5-5,10, be in good physical shape, and weigh between 130-195 pounds. Please no fats and femms. I can wrestle in jockstraps, or go nude, and I like nothing better than to pin down my wrestling oppenant. I have to great deal of energy and stamina. I look forward to hearing from all you in-shape gay men out there. I am look hot-and-sweaty nude wresting action. Please e-mail if you live in the greater Toronto area or you are an out-town-hotel guest who is staying in Toronto and wants to have a nude erotic wrestling match with me. I am also looking for one or more fuck buddies to have sex with after a nude erotic wrestling match. I would like to have a sex wrestling match with an MMA fighter in a loser gets fucked wrestling match. I would like to have a sex wrestling match with a Native Canadian or with a Native American in a loser with fucked wrestling match. I am also open to gladiator sword fighting in a loser getting fucked match and naked kickboxing sex matches in a loser getting fucked match. I am open to fighting for sexual dominance with an MMA fighter or with an amateur freestyle wrestler. I am also looking for a long term relationship leading to marriage.

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