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CA_jobber Male 50 Gay Squash Match
Please note: 'CA' in my profile name means Canada - not California. . Trying to build quality muscle not just weight. Making progress I think. Looking for BIG muscle for pro and sub style wrestling or just horsing around. Prefer muscled guys taller and bigger than me, but if in great shape then I am open. Like the muscle contact. Give and Take, to see who wins. Can also play heel or jobber. Although I enjoy being out muscled by bigger stronger guys, I still fight back, contrary to what my profile name may suggest. Also into arm wrestling, flexing, posing, muscle worship, etc. If you are far away then cyber is good. But to be honest I am sort of bored with ring and mat cyber matches so I have moved on. Prefer big vs small extreme strength squash 'battles' where YOU feel no pain, toy with me, toss me around, challenge me, laugh at my attempts, get verbal slow destroy me for pleasure. Street scenes, lockerroom, gym, supervillian (you) vs hero (me), etc. Only thing you are limited by is your imagination. I do enjoy traveling so never know when our paths will cross. hit me up if you have similiar interests.
London Ontario
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