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Bullerman Male 57 Gay Massage Swaps
Recently single after 23 years, but keeping things casual for a while, guys. What turns my crank? I like guys who are between 45 and 64, beefy and hairy (i.e., some meat on the bones... I am NOT into skinny guys). Cut, thick endowments are particularly appealing, as are strongly-built legs. Also like when a guy keeps his boys shaved. Free/Neg (Sept 2018). Not averse to 420. Looking for NSA/FWBs to fuck and other mutual forays. Not really into total tops, but will readily chat with 100% bottoms. ;-) Also been known to give a world-class massage (trade?). Otherwise, I welcome the opportunity of chatting with politically aware, well-travelled men to exchange ideas and travel tips. Down below 200 lbs for the first time in years, and do enjoy my workouts. And do enjoy the physicality with another bud. I only reply to those with face pics in their profile.
Calgary Alberta

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