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Strong guy getting stronger by liftin
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BullMuscle Male 46 Other Wrestling, no sex
Strong guy getting stronger by liftin weights and muscling other guys around as part of my workout. Open to most types of wrestling and fighting matches; Also open to heel/jobber matches, gut punchiing, trading holds, fun roughhousing, etc. Also like muscle strength testing of any kind like armwrestling, roman knuckles, etc. anything using muscle, you name it. Fight to submission until exhaustion unless agreed otherwise. Any size, strength, or age ok as long as in decent shape. I'm here for the sweaty workout so not looking for sexual. Any intensity ok. Only real matches, no cyber or phone. Clean guy into safe sane matches and will always respect limits if there are any. Let's wrestle! NOTE: Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me. If I take time to get back to you, it is only because of my schedule. I will get back to everyone and will have a match with most. We just need to schedule it. Good wrestling, guys!
Chicago Illinois

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