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Pro/Sub. Trained. Will wrestle anyone who wants.
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BuddySTL Male 47 Gay Brit pro wrestling/Pro wrestling
Trained pro wrestler--worked as an indy wrestler for 7 years. Very good submission/NHB wrestler. Novice Boxer. Have a 10x10 mat (real, not that puzzle crap) and space to host. Willing to take on opponents of any age or body type. Size or age doesn't matter to me. I like guys who enjoy wrestling, bonding, and having fun. I enjoy competitive, rough, NHB or submission wrestling. I also enjoy back and forth Pro--heel vs heel. I do enjoy to job for rough, sadistic heels. I do not heel for other jobbers, though. I'll say that again. I DO NOT HEEL FOR OTHER JOBBERS. The only rules I have are no broken bones or black eyes. Pretty much everything else is fine by me--dirty moves, low blows, gear pulling, chokes, sleepers, body punching, etc. Stakes are always an option. Winner punishes loser for the rest of the evening. LOVE endurance contests, trading holds--seeing who can last longer. In the end, it's about having fun. Bitter enemies on the mat, best friends off the mat. No attitude about wins and losses. Very laid back. Years of experience in the wrestling, leather, bear, and kink communities. Been described as one of those who would give you the shirt off my back. Huge heart. Let's roll!
St. Louis Missouri

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