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Restarting Back in DC and the Ring
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Brute78 Male 43 Gay Wrestling with sex
**I am deeply thankful and humbled to have received enough votes from you guys to register on the home page. I have not been the most consistent with my memebershop or interactions on here - but I’m in a place post-divorce and a bit older now to be able to be a loud and proud fighter that I’ve always been.** Will consider all challenges and match requests from guys that 1) are safe and sane when fighting above all else, 2) are ready to put a good match before any possibility of man on man fun, 3) that don’t have the ego of a pretty boy or Napoleon that will keep you from locking up with someone of my weight and build and 4) are either in or traveling through some portion of the DC metro area that is an easy drive to connect. **Again - if my solid and thick 250# muscle bear build keeps you from wanting to meet, then either don’t hit me up or don’t respond. “You’re too big” is really you saying “I’m a sore loser” or “I don’t really wrestle I just use this site to find more dick.” Just move on silently. All match types, all gear, all rules/limits respected. Experience and training in submission, in ring pro, Heel/Jobber squash matches, role play matches, and MMA/NHB fighting. Take your pick. Fun and sweat before keeping score. Two way trash talk over bullying. Make limits and expectations/desires clear up front over injury, disappointment and a bad experience. Matt over Matt Reid. ...oh yeah, and me over your defeated body. Last point - I don’t have limits, I follow yours. I’d rather trade holds than have you think it’s a real match and have me crank it up past your comfort zone. I’ll pull punches or I won’t hold back. Your call, your decision. But one sound of you getting upset or mad at me - then I stop and walk.
District of Columbia District of Columbia

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