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Fuck up a fat boy!
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Brutalizeme Male 36 Other Open to all
Old hat when it comes to the trampling, stomping, kicking, crushing, crunching, squashing scene. Completely new to the fighting/wrestling scene. I know through plenty of prior experience that I love getting the shit beat out of me with a dude's feet/boots/sneaks. I'm into all of the above just mentioned. And even have photos with bruises to prove it. I can trample/stomp/etc in return if you're vers or sub who's willing to go quid pro quo with me. Fighting and wrestling: Like I said, completely new at it. It would probably be one sided with me getting me ass beat. I think I'd be more into wrestling than fighting. Not much into getting punched honestly but with a dude I'm really into - that could definitely change. It would really be a one sided beating unless the guy wanted me to fight back which I'd probably suck at with the exception of using my weight to my advantage. I'd also be cool with somebody training me if they wanted to. I'd probably be better at wrestling than fighting. Anyway, get in touch if any of this sounds fun to you.
New York New York

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