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Ok the truth is out....I LIKE to jobber but can fight back too
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Brown_Bomber Male 64 Other Play wrestling
New name but same wrestler.Gotten older and way past the competitive stuff now but still love getting together for a fun roll or even working over which can be anything from a one-sided beat down to me being a fight back jobber. You check out my pics..yeah I get posed and flexed over quite a bit but it's FUN and a majority of the time the pained look on my face is real. So if you're a regular down to earth guy like a fun horseplay wrestle and nothing serious let's hook up....age, size, race, sex orientation not a big deal to me and if it is to you then I am sure we won't meet anyway. Join my victory pose club....I invite it. Unlike some guys here I DO answer all messages. Just appreciate the atttention
Houston Texas

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